Freshen Up the Bedroom

Freshen Up the Bedroom

Amber Byfield
Jan 8, 2010

Our bedroom is our sanctuary, an escape from the rest of the world. We revel in cozying up under covers, fluffing the pillows, and almost always lighting a candle nearby before curling up with a good book (under our energy-efficient bedside lamp, of course). Here are a few of our favorite ways to make the bedroom feel like a luxury spa getaway.

Soy Candles: These eliminate air quality concerns with conventional candles, and on top of offering up a great scent, they bring a bit of warmth and peace to the room. Soy is clean-burning and hold scents very well. And many are available hand-made, too; try Fair Field Farm Candles, Tatine, or A Green Candle Company.

Linen refresher: Learn to make your own with vodka and essential oils or vinegar. A few spritzes on the sheets, pillowcases, and comforter will breathe a new life into your room.

Reed Diffusers: If you're wary of remembering to blow out the candle, check out reed diffusers. They are low-maintenance candle alternatives that work very well to diffuse a scent.

Candle Warmer: Here's another alternative to having fire in the bedroom, and while it does expend some energy, you can double the life of your candle. Plug in a candle warmer (basically a mini hot-plate) and set your favorite jar candle on top of it. As the wax gets soft and melts in its jar, it will fill the room with scent. Since you're not actually burning the candle at the wick, the wax lasts much longer.

(Image: Flickr member blupics licensed under Creative Commons.)

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