Our Favorite Safari Extensions

Our Favorite Safari Extensions

Mike Tyson
Sep 6, 2010

Firefox users have been enjoying add-ons for some time now. In the recent Safari 5 release, dedicated Safari users were invited to create and enjoy what Apple are calling extensions. They work the same as Firefox add-ons — 3rd party applications built into a web browser in order to further customize and enhance your web browsing experience. After the jump we're going to provide you with a list of our favorites that will help you do everything from simplify Youtube's interface to improve your Gmail experience.

  • Access Keys We love using keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency in our computing experience. It's great when websites also integrate shortcuts — not so great when they don't tell us about them. Access Keys will let you know when a site you visit has keyboard shortcuts enabled and will display those shortcuts to you in your toolbar.

  • Helvetica the World
    This simple extension will change every font on a website to Helvetica — for the truly dedicated fans of the Swiss typeface only.
  • Close All Tabs
    As the title suggests, this extension will close all tabs you have open except for the one you are currently on. If you're a tab-aholic this might be a good extension to reel you back in when you've quite frankly, gone to far.

  • WebWatch (scroll to bottom)
    Much like the iPhone app TenPlusTwo that we've told you about previously, WebWatch will time your Internet usage and feed you reminders to go study or take a break and relax the eyes.
  • Old Google Image Search
    Do you miss the classic image search page compared to the single, long page of the future? Well, this small extension will give you Google's old image search page whenever you want.
  • TrueNew
    Rather than simply displaying unread emails, TrueNew also shows you what is unseen which helps you prioritize your Gmail inbox and help you reach Inbox Zero sooner.
  • Panic Button
    Similar to Close All Tabs, this extension will hide your open tabs as well as redirect you to a pre-selected "safe page". This is designed for those tedious workdays where your mind starts to wander and your boss suddenly approaches from behind.

  • A Cleaner Youtube
    Between ads, suggested videos, and inane comments, Youtube does a pretty good job at distracting you from the content you want to see. A Cleaner Youtube removes everything but the necessary information.

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