Smart Solutions for Small Spaces

Smart Solutions for Small Spaces

Nancy Mitchell
Aug 17, 2014
(Image credit: Jess Watson)

At Apartment Therapy, we're firm believers that living in a small space doesn't have to mean living in a place that's cluttered and cramped. Here are some of our best tips for keeping clutter at bay, and making your small space a place you're happy to come home to every day.

This is one of my favorite tips for people living in a space of any size: live within your means. It's all about your perspective: instead of thinking of your space as too small, think about making your belongings fit the space you have.

But even if you've managed to cull things down to fit your space, there will always be the infux of new things to deal with — mail, catalogs, various things you bring in from outside. That's why it's a good idea, especially in a small space, to set up a landing strip. The landing strip isn't just a place to keep shoes and keys: it's also a way to stop clutter before it infiltrates your house.

Here's a tip to remind you that when stashing things away, it's important to think about how you use them. Storing things where you use them will help keep you sane — and help keep those things out of the way, because putting them up will be simple.

And finally, for things that just don't have anywhere else to go: junk drawer! In a small space, devoting a whole drawer to random oddments may seem a little crazy, but trust us: it will make a huge difference when all those little things that are sitting out because they don't really have any place to go suddenly have a home.

Thanks for watching, and happy organizing!

(And in case you were wondering, the photo above is from Beth's teeny tiny home - see the full tour here.)

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