Our iPhone Alarm Clock Set Up & Why We Like IT!

Our iPhone Alarm Clock Set Up & Why We Like IT!

Campbell Faulkner
Aug 23, 2010

Using your phone as an alarm clock is quite common practice now and Unplggd has featured many apps and docks for your iPhone over the past few years that help making sure you rise on time. Despite this, we've found in lieu of a fancy clock radio setup, we still prefer the standard iPhone alarm tone to rouse us in the morning. Below is the set up we have found to work, while not ideal for everyone, we think it is worth a try.

Our iPhone Alarm Setup:

  1. iPhone is required for this set up...
  2. Sleeping is serious business and consequently you might want to try an iPhone app like the sleep cycle Alarm Clock, we just stick with the default clock app that came on the phone to wake us up but that is only because of our preference. Apps like sleep cycle are slick and might help you get a better night of shut eye.
  3. You need a good way to charge your phone, while we know you are not supposed to charge your phone every night having a bed side charger makes it easier to keep your phone juiced up. We found the Incase Combo Charger to be an excellent option for at-home and on-the-go, thanks to its ability to use both home outlet and car cigarette charging port.
  4. We have found that we like to dock our phone for ease of visibility and as a clock radio replacement. Any dock will do and we stuck with the stock Apple one. If you are of the crafty sort a Lego dock or other DIY project can spice things up!
  5. To replace out nighttime clock we wanted a slick clock that could be read from across our bedroom. We have previously reviewed Flip Clock and recommend it again to make your night time clock watching as pleasant as it can be.
  6. Experiment to ensure your system is working for you. While this is perfect for us your own set up might need more tweaking, or be as bare bones as possible. Happy sheep counting!

(Top image: Flickr member @cdharrison licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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