Our Readers' Favorite Nostalgic Tech

Our Readers' Favorite Nostalgic Tech

Laura E. Hall
Apr 21, 2011

On Monday, we asked you to share your favorite nostalgic technology and gadgets. From old sounds to obsolete programs to vintage toys, the results are funny and oh-so-familiar. Check them out below, and share your own.


EddFear misses that the sound of a 28.8 modem firing up, while Kaz has fond memories of the click of an 8 track changing tracks. While we have to admit to being slightly too young for 8 tracks, we cut our internet teeth on a local BBS and are well versed in the clicks and beeps of a modem, as well as the seemingly endless wait when it came to to actually downloading anything.

On the side of music, modernguy misses the Sony Cassette Walkman, while LSUgrad03 still owns their Fischer-Price record player for older kids, and it "still works great!" We'll admit, when we were in high school we had dreams of walking around with our own personal movie soundtrack always playing, not knowing at the time that our imaginings would eventually be answered in the form of MP3 players.

Computer Programs

MadFerris remembers loving ICQ chat and Netscape Navigator, even sometimes firing up an old computer to check it out. Do you remember your ID number? Ours was eight digits, though we have a friend who is very proud of the fact that theirs is only six.


modernguy loved looking at slides of the Six Million Dollar Man and Dracula through a ViewMaster. Did you know, the history of the ViewMaster and the people who made its reels is really very fascinating? There are even artists who are still creating them.

19day has fond memories of the Fischer-Price hand-crank projector, a plastic setup that took cartridges and displayed movies at the turn of the crank.


Games were far and away the favorites of our commenters. MadFerris loved those Tiger handheld games, purchased by their parents in lieu of a Gameboy. Our own gregory loved the Vectrex vector based console, and later, Intellivision. And modernguy misses the Atari 2600, especially Joust, Pacman, Dig Dug and the like, also including the Coleco Handheld Electronic Football game, and the classic chemistry set.

Rckmnr was appreciative of the link to the free DOS games archive, though we hope there is a way to make it compatible with everyone's computer. And OneSweetShannon played Pyramid 2000 on a cassette on a Radio Shack TRS-80 color computer.

Our favorite quote? MadFerris: "4. Car-phone/bag-phone- I remember my dad calling me after school one day and asking me to guess where he was. When he told me "the driveway" it blew my mind."

It's so true, and it's funny to think of how far electronic technology has advanced in such a short amount of time. Not that long ago we were admiring the Zach Morris phone, while today it's an item of kitsch.

Thank you to everyone who shared memories of their favorite electronics, tech and gadgetry! Reading the list and feeling nostalgic? Share your own top 5 favorites in the comments.

(Silvery future: Flickr member banlon1964 licensed for use under Creative Commons. Netscape: Flickr member calu777 licensed for use under Creative Commons. Viewmaster: Flickr member thenoodleator licensed for use under Creative Commons. Tiger games: Flickr member bergerbot licensed for use under Creative Commons.)

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