3 Unusual Secrets To Having A Home That Works

3 Unusual Secrets To Having A Home That Works

Abby Stone
Jul 20, 2011

Are you happy in your home? Do you entertain as much as you'd like? Some people have homes you go into and you're immediately comfortable. Are you one of them or do you always feel like there's something you can't quite put your finger on that doesn't work about your home? Here are three unusual ways we use to check what works about our home!

• Splurge on a maid to clean your home: Stepping into your house after someone else has cleaned it gives you a whole new perspective on your home (especially if you're one of those people who cleans before the maid comes!). With everything spic and span and the house smelling clean and fresh, you'll see how your home looks from another person's point of view. Often they'll change things up -- moving the appliances on the kitchen countertop into a different arrangement, arranging things on your nightstand, or putting the towels back a different way — that will give you ideas on how things could be done differently and what works.
• Have guests over: Don't wait, have guests over now and use their visit to learn about your home! What chairs do they gravitate towards? Which tables get moved around? Your dining table seats eight — or does it? Have someone cook in your kitchen with you. Do you have to keep telling them where things are or, after a few minutes, do they move around your kitchen like they've always cooked there? Are there enough towels for an overnight guest or is your home only set up for one? If an arrangement of flowers on the coffee table suddenly brightens the room, make a note to get weekly flowers or use that space to display a collection.
• Go away for a few days: An oft-shared secret among friends is the confession that they're suddenly completing home projects long left neglected in the few days up to taking a vacation! If that's you, it's time to schedule some time out of town. If you can't afford to get away, why not house swap with a friend? You'll quickly learn, when they call you to ask where things are or when you come home to find things left out with a note that says "I wanted to put this away but wasn't sure where it went", what works and what doesn't.

Image: Bethany Nauert from Laura & Megan's Bright Vintage Inspired Apartment

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