Our Top 5 Deal Breakers For New Spaces

Our Top 5 Deal Breakers For New Spaces

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 3, 2010

We have a million things we'd truly love in a space (including a live in maid!), but when all is said and done, there's really only a few things that make us happy. That said, the things that top out our list aren't really negotiable. They're requirements and without them, there's no lease, contract or even small talk — we're outta there!

Although that makes us sound snooty (especially when in some cities, just finding a place that's available can be a real chore) we've learned that over the years, there's just some things that truly matter to our quality of life and enjoyment of the time we spend at home. Sure we'd love french doors that open up to a small balcony that we could sit and read the morning news on, but we'd give that up in a heartbeat to have a toilet that sits far enough away from the wall so that we don't get claustrophobic! Here's our top five list, make sure to add yours below…

1. Toilet Placement: It sounds silly, but we really love a comfortable pooper. That's just all there is too it. We don't care if it's big or small, short or tall, but it better be at least 12" from the wall, though we'd prefer 14".

2. Windows That Open : This wasn't previously our list, in fact, we'd assumed that most places would, in fact, have windows that open, because, well, they're windows! In recent weeks two of our Apartment Therapy writers have moved into locations with windows that are less than awesome and gaining a desired breeze without blasting the AC has been tricky!

3. Lack Of Carpet: With our pets and allergies, finding a place that is carpet free is always a must. Hardwood, concrete (unfinished or no), even peel and stick vinyl tiles are fine by us, just as long as they're easy to clean!

4. Partial Sun: Our last loft had northern facing windows and we never... ever... had any sun. At first it was nice to have a cool cave of sorts, but after our last move into a place with grand windows, we forgot just how much we missed light — and the ability to have plants!

5. Ability To Move Large Items Into: Although we'd sell off everything we own for the right apartment, we've spent many an hour stuck in the hallway playing sofa Tetris, trying to get things moved in. You can only remove so many door hinges before you realize things just aren't fitting. We have even had to leave a sofa in an apartment once, because to get it in, we had to go in through the neighbors first and the landlord was unwilling to let us in to remove the item! Crazy!

Do you have one to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member all of olive licensed for use by Creative Commons

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