Outdoor Recycling: Storage Solutions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For a couple of years in college, we rented a house and loved the curbside recycling, but were often put off by the unsightly trash can and recycling bins that we had to hide behind a hedge on the side of the house. That got us to thinking: Surely there are nice options for storing the recycling bins and keeping it organized…

Here at Re-Nest, we’ve covered indoor recycling solutions, but for those with outdoor space, there’s no reason to make the organization stop inside. We also found that critters would go dumpster-diving in our little bins and trash can, creating quite the mess for pickup day.

First of all, we came across a great how-to from This Old House for building your own recycling and trash shed.

If you’re not up for building your own, you can turn to Bin Solutions to purchase a storage bin, ranging from $495 to $895. Bin Solutions also offers options to include planters and trellises with the bins (which you could build on to your own as well), better disguising the shed.

If building or installing a shed is not an option, consider planting tall hedges or building a small fence to surround the receptacles, making sure they’re still easily accessible for removing.

(Image: Bin Solutions.)