Outfit Your Wet Bar To Impress Your Guests

Outfit Your Wet Bar To Impress Your Guests

Jeff Heaton
Sep 26, 2011

The cooler weather is finally coming in which means more get togethers, more hanging out outside and more football. Which obviously means it's time to prep some snacks and stock the wet bar. You know what you like to drink, but when it comes to drinking devices Unplggd's got you covered.

Electric Corkscrew
If you've ever jerry-rigged a solution to open a bottle of wine you know it doesn't always work out so well. Even if you use a waiter's corkscrew you can end up pushing the point through the cork at an odd angle or leave yourself open to leaks. An electric corkscrew saves you the trouble and the arm strength.

Ok so you don't necessarily need your drinks to light up, but it is sweet right? An LED lights up when liquid is poured through the spout, lighting up the drink whatever color you choose. This is great for low light situations, helping you avoid spilling on the counter. Plus you can go all Coyote Ugly in the dark.

Perhaps your guests are more football less fancy. Well a Kegerator is the way to impress that crowd. And what's better than on-tap brewskies during the game? Not much my friend, not much. A kegerator is also a great way to save money. The cost of a single beer goes way down and keg beer kept in a kegerator stays fresh for up to 6 months as long as you pump with CO2 or NO2. Air pumps will get you 8 hours to a couple days if you're lucky (no promises on how long it'll last with keg stands though).

Bartending App
Dropped some dough on the tasty liquors, the special mixers and the shiny equipment? Well it means nothing if you don't know how to put it together. A good app will make your night as mixologist a lot smoother (and impressive). We like Mixology (free, ad supported) for iOS and Bartender (free, ad supported) for Android.

BAC Tester
There are all kinds of ways to calculate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), what cops use to determine your drunkenness and ability to drive. Some are more accurate than others, however. A portable breathalyzer just like the police use is a fun way to check. The good ones are expensive though ($100+) and the tiny portable ones aren't exactly perfect. BAC Track is a single use BAC tester that's about the size of a cigarette and over 99 percent accurate. The best way? Keep track of how many you have and drink responsibly.

(Images: Percucina, Electrapour, Flickr user kvanhorn under creative commons, Apple App store, Android App store, and Kegworks.)

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