Overheard at Urban Baby

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve got readers who are addicted to Urban Baby and who like to send us little tidbits on home decorating that stir up responses on the site. A lot of help is needed out there! Here’s the latest. Check out the speed of the responses:

  • Decorator Moms: I’m going to redo my kitchen. The dark stained oak cabinets and black stove/dishwasher are staying anything else is up for grabs. Any nice ideas for a color scheme? 9:15am
  • dark terracotta floors and backsplash? 9:17am
  • looks like you need to lighten up try using some burst of color in your backsplash 9:17am
  • hmm–how into color are you? I love pumkin or buttery yellow if light or you could do a navajo white w/ color accents (reds, greens, royal blues) if not. 9:18am
  • w/ those colors I’d do either a light backsplash or a b&w tile. 9:24am
  • maybe a light tan colored granite to lighten things up? Buy some kitchen mags for inspiration 9:18am
  • Thanks! 9:23am
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