Overnight Guests: Can You Just Say No?

Overnight Guests: Can You Just Say No?

Jennifer Hunter
Apr 3, 2013

At Apartment Therapy we've covered a lot of territory concerning welcoming guests at home and being a good guest while traveling, but I had a bit of a lightbulb moment this past weekend when I happened upon a thoughtful post from Reading my Tea Leaves that proposed an idea I'd never considered before: just say no.  

Blogger Erin Boyle's series "Life in a Tiny Apartment" chronicles her adventures in the 250 square foot NYC pad she shares with her new husband.  Survival tip #56 (the first 55 are also excellent, by the way) explains that despite her love of hosting guests in previous, bigger spaces, her current tiny apartment just can't accommodate them, so she's given herself permission to kindly refuse.  

As a soon-to-be New Yorker, it's a perfectly timed lesson for me.  In my excitement  to see out-of-town friends and family, I often get liberal with the invites without really thinking it through.  While it's nice to visit 24/7 and save my guests a couple of bucks on lodging, looking back, it hasn't always been the most comfortable solution for either me or my visitors. But obligation, pride or simply unrealistic expectations always prevented one or both parties from speaking up.  

Even if you do have the space for extra bodies, you may still prefer to abstain from hosting, and that can move into some dicey territory when you're dealing with family dynamics or close friendships.  

Tell me, are you yay or nay on overnight visitors?

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(Image: Michael's Mini Manhattan Home, Small Cool Finalist 2011)

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