OWC Chops Into Your iMac to Add an eSATA Port

OWC Chops Into Your iMac to Add an eSATA Port

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 3, 2010

If you're one of the media intensive types, you've probably had similar quarrels with the slowness of USB 2.0 when it comes to doing hardcore video editing, HD streaming, or doing any work that requires constant hard drive access. The only problem is that Apple's iMacs don't come with an eSATA port, despite its robust 27-inch screen, i7 processors, and mountain of RAM. OWC hears you. And OWC is here to help.

OWC is an accessory company who is offering up a service that you can't refuse. Well, unless you don't have $170. But if that's the case, you probably wouldn't be complaining about a measly poor design decision by Apple now, would you?

However, if you do truly need that extra eSATA port, OWC will do it for you. Like Colorware, you mail in your iMac, wait a couple of weeks, and an eSATA-ready iMac will be mailed back to you on your front porch.

Our guess is that shipping the iMac alone will cost you $30, so the overall cost you'll be looking it is more like $200 for the upgrade. Not the most economical of decisions, but you'll at least have the OWC support when things go haywire vs. trying to drill holes yourself risking potential shock and death.

Upgrade your iMac to eSATA here.

[Via Wired]

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