OXO Baby and Toddler

OXO is known for functional, basic products that just happen to be pretty good looking so an extension into the baby and toddler market seems like a perfect fit. They’re thinking big (their Sprout high chair) and small (bottle brushes and spoons) for feeding, cleaning, bathing and storing.

In five years, 25 babies were born to OXO employees so they not only drew inspiration from their kids, but first-hand insights as new parents to develop this product line.
A few items seem like their adult products redone in color (like the food masher and peeler) but others are particularly clued in to what is helpful to parents, for example:

• a small nipple brush nestled inside the bottle brush
• a straw holder inside the dishwasher basket
• a stretchy silicone cover to the small dishwasher basket to hold your little odds and ends in place
• a really small dust pan and brush (perfect for brushing up crumbs in the car and stowing in the glove box)
• a kneeling mat that folds and is held together by magnets for easy storage

The largest addition to the OXO family is the Sprout high chair ($249, available soon) for use from 6 months to 5 years. The seat and footrests are adjustable and the tray and “crotch post” (their term not mine!) are removable for older children.

Like all OXO products, the baby and toddler products are affordable and stylish (in green, orange and blue). You can see the entire line and purchase on the OXO website as well as watch a few videos of these products in action.