OXO’s Sitewide Sale Has Every Accessory You Need to Take Your Instant Pot to the Next Level

updated Apr 9, 2020
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Brett Regot

OXO’s sitewide sale is still going strong, and we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t highlight their line of pressure cooker tools, which, you guessed it — work superbly with one of our other favorite kitchen brands: Instant Pot! If you’re an Instant Pot owner (and we know many of you are!), now is a great time to stock up on OXO’s thoughtfully created and easy-to-clean silicone accessories that will help you get the most out of your kitchen hero. Just plug in the code HOME20 during checkout to save 20 percent off through April 11. From a cult-favorite egg rack to a space-saving steamer to a mitt that’ll protect your hands from your IP’s dragon breath, here’s everything you should snag ASAP.

Credit: OXO

1. Silicone Pressure Cooker Steamer

The Instant Pot’s metal steaming rack is rather clunky, which is why we prefer OXO’s flexible silicone steamer. Thanks to the long, heat-proof handles, you can easily and safely insert and remove contents, while the high walls let you pile on more veggies or even a whole chicken at one go. The handles easily fold down to fit under the lid, and once you’re done, just roll up the steamer for easy storage between uses.

Buy: Silicone Pressure Cooker Steamer, $12 (normally $15)

Credit: OXO

2. Silicone Pressure Cooker Rack

There’s so much to love about this versatile silicone rack. Use it to elevate ingredients that are easily prone to burning, or stack it to make layered meals. Since the bottom is wavy rather than flat, it allows steam, juices, and heat to surround recipes like roasts, spaghetti squash, and even a whole chicken. Bonus: Because it’s heat proof, it can also be used as a trivet!

Buy: Silicone Pressure Cooker Rack, $10 (normally $12)

Credit: OXO

3. Silicone Pressure Cooker Egg Rack

Whether you like them soft or hard boiled, eggs cook amazingly well in the Instant Pot. This silicone rack gently cradles nine eggs, so you don’t have to worry about them sloshing around while boiling, which can lead to messy cracks or full-blown bursting. If you buy two racks, you can even stack them to cook a total of 18 eggs!

Buy: Silicone Pressure Cooker Egg Rack, $10 (normally $12)

Credit: OXO

4. Silicone Pressure Cooker Sling

Upgrade your handmade aluminum sling with this silicone option that lets you safely and easily load and remove delicate baked dishes from the Instant Pot. The bottom of the sling has a perforated honeycomb pattern, so heat and steam will better surround recipes for even cooking.

Buy: Silicone Pressure Cooker Sling, $12 (normally $15)

Credit: OXO

5. Silicone Baking Cups

While this set of 12 silicone baking cups can be used to make cupcakes and muffins in a conventional oven, several of them will also fit neatly on OXO’s sling inside the Instant Pot. The small cups are perfect for making a variety of tiny baked treats, including delicious egg bites. Small tabs at the tops of the cups make it easy to remove contents — no paper liners required! 

Buy: Silicone Baking Cups (12 Pack), $8 (normally $10)

Credit: OXO

6. Silicone Oven Mitt

Every cook needs a good oven mitt, and OXO’s is perfect for the Instant Pot, since it’s long enough to protect your wrists and arms from the side of the pot (or hot steam!) when retrieving food. The 13-inch glove has a silicone body with a non-slip diamond pattern, so you can grip cookware safely, whether it be an Instant Pot liner or a large sheet pan going into the oven.

Buy: Silicone Oven Mitt, $12 (normally $15)

Credit: OXO

7. Wooden Sauté Paddle

Since the bottom of the Instant Pot has a rather straight versus curved angle, choosing the right spatula is essential for scraping up and removing every last bit of whatever you’re cooking. This wooden sauté paddle features a tapered edge, so it can be used to stir, sautee, and pick up stuck-on ingredients when deglazing or making a sauce. Plus, the material won’t scratch, making it safe to use on Instant Pots and even nonstick cookware.

Buy: Wooden Sauté Paddle, $4 (normally $5)