Oxygen Tanks Go to the Dogs

Oxygen Tanks Go to the Dogs

Sonia Zjawinski
Jan 13, 2010

Gasp! Our fellow pet obsessed co-hort at Pawesome sent this to us the other day and we're still not sure what to say. Yes, those are two chihuahuas in an oxygen tank. Why, you ask?

Wag Style is a dog cafe and grooming salon in Shibuya, Japan that offers a "relaxation lounge" where both owners and pets can decompress in oxygen tanks. Pets sit within an acrylic and aluminum chamber breathing in pressurized oxygen, which is said to have anti-aging and -stress benefits.

If Michael Jackson was still around we can already see one of these for Bubbles within his Neverland Ranch.

Japan Times reports that the dog cafe used to be a showroom for Air Press, an oxygen therapy equipment importer. The company designed its own hyperbaric chambers for pets four years ago and now manufactures them (yes, there are enough people ordering these to warrant a whole company division).

Wag Style's regular customers are mostly men and women in their 40s and their 50s who live nearby. They cater largely to dogs, but the service is also available for cats. A one-hour session for humans includes a short massage and costs ¥4,500, while a half-hour pet session is ¥2,000. Although Tokyo is Wag Style's only location, Hirano hopes to expand to other cities.

We know from experience that there are plenty like us who interrupt the beauty of our home décor with cheesy cat trees, cardboard scratching pads, and garish litter boxes, but would you ever trick out your home with a hyperbaric chamber in order to help your pet stay healthy?

Image: Tokyo Mango

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