Pack It Up: Tips for Moving Long Distances

Pack It Up: Tips for Moving Long Distances

Jessica Tata
Aug 10, 2011

Look around your home. If you could only bring with you as many belongings as you could fit into a 4' x 4' x 8' trailer, what would you bring? (And no cheating — no storage units allowed!) I did it — twice — and I learned quite a few things along the way!

It's an interesting exercise, even if you're not moving a long distance. Heck, even if you're not moving at all! There are a lot of moving parts involved in moving long distances, and choosing what to bring with you is just one thing on the long list. Here are some of my best tips for moving successfully 7— especially long distances.

  • De-cluttering is a must, and it's not always easy. Even if you aren't forced with stripping down to the bare necessities, moving things you don't really need a long distance is not worth the trouble! Luckily Catrin posted a great list of the "Best Organizational and Decluttering Websites."
  • Staying organized is imperative; keeping track of shutting off and starting new utilities, changing your address, scheduling your moving van and other to-dos have should be kept track of. Martha Stewart is the natural source to turn to for to-do lists. She has a list for your Moving Timeline, Tips for Successful Packing, Essential Packing Supplies--even How to Pack a Box!
  • Plan your trip! If you're planning on driving, you'll need to plan your trip. Will you take your time and see sights? Or are you booking it---trying to get there quickly? AAA has some great trip planning resources, and here is a list of 100 Historical Sites Every American Should See!
  • Become as acquainted with your new city as possible! The internet is a fantastic resource (duh!) in learning about your new home. Design*Sponge has some great city guides, as does Wallpaper* magazine. Phaidon publishes their (also stylish) books on over 80 cities, and you can also download an app for our phone. Of course you can!
  • My best, and arguably the most important? Enjoy the journey! Moving can be stressful and hard and full of emotion, but it is an adventure, in any capacity, and should be marked as such.

Have you moved a long distance? What other advice would you have for your fellow readers?

Image: Jessica Tata

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