Pack Tech for Travel with a Pocket Pot Holder

Pack Tech for Travel with a Pocket Pot Holder

Taryn Williford
Jan 18, 2011

In a perfect world, we'd have a perfect place for everything. Each gadget would have it's own perfectly sized and pleasantly padded case—cases that all puzzled perfectly together in our perfect little luggage. Instead, we're working out of duffel bags and making other, more random, accessories work for us. Here's a cool tip that borrows from your kitchen drawers.

Picture this: You're packing up for a weekend trip when you realize that you don't have a case for your video camera. You know, the one you barely ever use, but you were really excited to capture the weekend with? Yeah, that one.

Sure, you could just drop it in your suitcase, hoping for the best. But how about making use of this creative re-use idea, instead?

Grab one of your pocketed pot holders from the kitchen and tuck the gear in there. Wrap it up with a rubber band and tuck it in your bag. It offers up a bit of padding, plus you can wrap each device up with it's cords.

Try it for your small, case-less tech (like our digital video camera) or use it to pack up game cartridges, cords or other accessories.

(Images: Taryn Evelyn Fiol)

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