Packing Away the Holidays

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I spent a few hours Sunday morning packing up all the Christmas decorations and lugging a dried up Frasier fir outside. The holidays are over and frankly I’m ready to reclaim my living room!

In everyday life, my apartment falls on the minimal side. I don’t have a lot of collections displayed and there’s very little kitsch to be seen in my home. I like clean lines and simple displays. That all changes during the holidays! During the month of December my little apartment is festooned in all manner of Christmas gaiety, including some rather kitschy decorations that would normally be verboten. Many of the decorations are sentimental pieces that my husband and I have collected through the years and having them out for a month is a delight!

By the time New Year’s Day rolls around, however, I am more than ready to clear the house of all that holiday clutter. I’m ready to reclaim the corner of my living room where the tree sits and I’m anxious to clear the ceramic churches and manger scenes from the tables and window sills. Essentially, I’m ready to go back to a clutter-free home.

Over the past few years, my husband and I have been able to whittle down our collection of Christmas decor from three large plastic storage bins to two. The first Christmas after we downsized to a small condo from a much larger home, we found that we had far too many decorations for our small space. That year was the perfect opportunity to shake off some of the old decorations that were too cumbersome and held little to no sentimental value. And that was the year we were able to eliminate the need for one of the large plastic storage bins. And when you live in a third floor walk-up with basement storage, eliminating one bin is a big deal!

Since that downsizing Christmas we have continued to find more efficient ways to store our holiday decorations. This year, after everything was packed into the bins, we were delighted to find that each was only three-quarters full. We did eliminated any decorations this year so I guess we simply found a more efficient way of packing the bins.

Let the new, tidy, clutter-free year begin!

Images: Jason Loper