Packing + Moving: THIS Is Why I Work Out

Packing + Moving: THIS Is Why I Work Out

Tess Wilson
Jun 18, 2013

I work out because it's fun, it helps my dresses fit they way I like them to fit, and, as my grandma would say, it's good for a person. But a week into packing up my apartment, I'm so grateful for all my workouts, as they've allowed me to do heavy lifting and extreme schlepping with (mostly) ease.

I experienced this at least once before, while running the entire length of the Frankfurt airport. I was desperate to make my connection to Florence (where I was making the cake for my friends' wedding), had been awake for 25 hours, and was lugging a very heavy carry-on. As I ran and ran, I thought to myself, "I love you, elliptical machine!"

This week I'm putting all that cardio and weight-lifting to even better use, as I haul books to the used bookstore to sell, carry clothes to Crossroads to attempt to sell, lug $93 worth of pennies and nickels to the bank and then to Safeway (because the bank doesn't have a change counting machine!), and make my near-daily haul to Community Thrift with heavy bags of donations. I've been lifting boxes of books and cookbooks above my head to stash on my high closet shelves, taking apart my hardwood shelving (only half of which is shown here), and climbing up and down my stepladder a million times a day. And in a few days the real strongman workout begins, when I carry all my boxes, mattress, and boxsprings down two flights of stairs. Seriously, Packing + Moving is going to be the hot new workout trend.

All this activity has made me so thankful that I've been (unknowingly) training for this day. The packing process is mentally and emotionally tiring enough, so if I wasn't able to hack it physically, all would be lost. 

Is there an aspect of home life that makes you grateful you're in such fabulous shape? Maybe when gardening season rolls around, or when it's time to chop wood, or when you want to rearrange all of your furniture right now so you bear down and do it yourself?

(Image: Lane Johnson via Tips For Scheduling Movers And Estimating Time/Cost)

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