Packing & Moving: The Martha Stewart Way

Packing & Moving: The Martha Stewart Way

Tess Wilson
Aug 12, 2011

I love Martha Stewart Living. After having a subscription for over 7 years, I still devour every issue. I find the magazine to be beautiful, fascinating, and endlessly inspiring, but my very favorite thing is when the content veers into the realm of the surreal. All of you out there struggling to pack and move, take a little break...

My favorite insights, that you might find useful:

• "So we planned a comprehensive and simplified version of a professional move, using a trailer, a panel van, two Chevy Suburbans, and a couple of pickup trucks."
• "And even though it took about 20 round-trips to move all the china, not a single piece was broken or chipped."
• "The biggest surprise and challenge of the move was transporting my collection of nineteenth-century mirrors… To solve the problem, I had my carpenter cut a piece of plywood for each mirror — wide and long enough to accommodate each piece. I then stapled thick bubble material to the top of each plywood sheet. Each mirror was laid flat on the cushioned plywood and carried to the van or the SUV for the short trip." (That's right, a separate trip for each mirror.)
• "I actually moved two years ago to Katonah, in New York, and was ensconced in my new old farm there, so I had plenty of time to plan the formal, final move."

Of course, From My Home to Yours: Packing Secrets for a Successful Move contains tips that would be helpful to everyone. Martha's point is how invaluable it is to have a plan, and how simple things like Post-its and clean packing materials are crucial to a low-stress move. I get a huge kick out of Martha Stewart's how-to-pack-your-chandeliers tips, but all of our lives are different. If I had to move a whole house full of antiques I would sit in the middle of the floor and cry, and she would probably never stop laughing if she saw the way I've moved — but that's another story for another day.

Image: Martha Stewart

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