Packing Your Hospital Bag

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Leigh and Lyn from over at “New for Baby” sent us a great list of things you should pack in your hospital bag. Some are obvious, but you might not have thought of bringing snacks for dad, or putting out treats for the nurses. The outfit above is available at their store under “Bringing Home Baby” and makes a nice shower gift. See below the jump for the full list…

Here’s their complete list:

“• Contact Sheet: (laminated, if possible). Medical info., Home info., Your phone tree for announcing the baby’s arrival, etc. Anything and everything. Just type it up and make a copy for home.

• Electronics: Batteries, chargers, cameras, phones, etc.

• Snacks for Daddy: (during labor – oh yes, most first time labors are around 24 hours!), and snacks for Mommy (for recovery!).

• Music: an iPod or portable CD player.

• Comfy socks: Mine were velour. Any will do.

• A Robe: or Dear Johnnies (cute, personalized hospital gowns)

• A comfy nursing bra: that is easy to work!

• Mommy’s going home outfit: Something other than your maternity wear (depressing), but still stretchy (maybe a larger size of cute sweats).

• Makeup/toiletries: It feels nice to be wheeled out of the hospital with your baby in your arms and some mascara and lip gloss.

• Baby’s going home outfit: HELLO! Check out Bringing Home Baby! You’ll notice there are no pants included, since newborn legs are so tightly scrunched up to their bodies (like in the womb). Go for foldover cuffs, an adjustable hat, soft cotton, tagless, snaps at the neck for getting over that big floppy newborn head, and a coordinated blanket. It’s all there!

• Now, here’s the KICKER! The ultimate tip: TREATS FOR THE NURSES. They are your lifeline at the hospital. You’ll barely see the doctor. But you’ll bond with those great nurses. Have enough treats for several shifts. If it’s candy, donuts, or healthier fare, just have a post it on the box that says “Thanks for all you do! Love, the ____” They’ll take such good care of you! And don’t forget the recovery room nurses as well…”

Thanks to New for for this great list. Anything they missed? What did you find useful?