Pages: Apple's Quick and Dirty InDesign for Beginners

Pages: Apple's Quick and Dirty InDesign for Beginners

Campbell Faulkner
Aug 25, 2010

iWork is often relegated to being just a basic office suite when it holds so much more power. Pages is a particularly useful program for design and layout for a variety of different needs. We have used it for poster, brochures, pamphlets, and even program booklets. The flexibility allowed by the program is no match for a professional level Adobe CS5, but works for average users who have basic needs.

Pages for iWork is billed as a Word replacement. A quick tour of the templates is all you need to start you way to designing the party invitations of your dream (without the cost).

Pages template selector has a myriad of excellent template to get the beginner designer on the way!

We suggest using the templates for the simple reason that they make actually putting things together much, much easier. When we started out using Pages we found both useful inspiration and a an excellent way to access basic design layout.

When using Pages we noticed that the layout of individual projects did take considerable time. This is not a problem with the software itself, mostly out inexperience with doing design layout. But, the software has allowed us to deign slick looking posters to be used in professional settings.

Papers Tips:

  1. Use Templates!
  2. Be critical of you design, print it out to analyze how it looks and really scrutinize it for errors.
  3. The inspector is massively important and contains most of the formatting tools needed to work with the software.
  4. Use the align object tool (appears automatically) to ensure that your text boxes and graphical elements are straight if that is part of your design.
  5. When trying to make text boxes or other elements the same size, use the scale when dragging elements to get the same size. This making lining things up and having clean layout simple.
  6. Use caution when overlaying various elements, they can become difficult to work with when you have buried something under other objects.
  7. Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to navigate and work with pages. Some Pages features are only accessible by using shortcuts or are buried so deep learning shortcuts is the only way to effectively use the program.
  8. Obviously we are not graphic designers, but if you are the average mac user who needs the occasional design layout software program pages is a decent bet. Not only is it accessibly is costs a fraction of the Adobe Creative Suite.
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