Pahana Alo's Setup: Glass, Multiple-Monitors & Mac-Ish

Pahana Alo's Setup: Glass, Multiple-Monitors & Mac-Ish

Range Govindan
Sep 20, 2010

We found this setup from Germany very interesting. The dual monitors are sitting lower than usual, changing the focus of where the eyes are usually looking at while you're working. Couple that with a nice glass desk, and a heavily skinned Windows OS, and you've got a great setup.

This is has to be one of the simplest and most elegant setups that we've seen. While the dual monitors look like they are coupled to a Mac, Alo is running Windows, albeit a skinned version of it. Themes or skins are available to change the overall appearance of Windows to make it look like Mac OS or something completely different. It's definitely an interesting option. If you find that you get neck strains from using your computer monitor at home, then you should try a few different positions. Ultimately, Alo's setup is probably perfect for himself.

The webcam is off the desk and mounted on a Hama tripod Profile Duo III. That clears up the part of the clutter. While Alo uses a wired mouse and keyboard, if he went wireless, as well as using a Dark Field Laser mouse from Logitech, he could forgo the wires as well as the mousepad. However, if you work for long hours in front of the computer, you'll find that you'll need some kind of support for your wrist. Making your desk look ├╝ber-clean shouldn't hamper you from using ergonomic aids, especially for the wrists. Some recessed LED lighting, behind the dual monitors, might also look good and help with the overall minimal approach. If you don't like LEDs, you could always uses Jared Schmidt's approach and mount some spots under the desk.

To match his Mac-ish setup, Alo has got a MacBook Pro that he uses to work on the go or in other places in the house. Ultimately, this is a great, minimal, and simple setup that looks good and probably is a dream to work on, except if you get neck strains from low monitors that is.

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