Painting Baseboards and Trim to Match the Walls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We spent the weekend painting, and for the first time we chose to paint our baseboards the same color as our walls. We like the look (as shown in this photo from Susan and Micheal’s House Tour on AT:LA) for several reasons

• If you’re using a bright color (like the yellow in Susan and Michael’s home), painting all the room’s details in one shade can lend more impact to the color.

• Choosing one color for the walls and baseboards simplifies a color scheme and allows the wall color to relate directly to the floors, rather than being mediated by a contrasting trim.

• A single color scheme cuts down on prep and painting time.

• In our home, we have a mix of natural wood trim and painted baseboards. By painting the baseboards the same color as the walls and leaving the wood trim unpainted, we reduced visual clutter and highlighted our home’s natural wood details. (Photos coming soon.)

• Contrasting trim can bring attention to a home’s architectural details and create visual interest. If you have a detail you want to minimize, try painting it to blend in with the rest of the room.