Painting Class at Caro d’Offay Gallery

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For those with an itch to paint, this just in from painting instructor Aaron Delehanty:

Aaron Delehanty is teaching a six-week painting class, beginning Tuesday April 22nd and ending June 3rd at the Caro d’Offay Gallery in Wicker park/Bucktown, from 6pm till 9pm.

This class is intended as a solid introduction to painting, from the ground up, with an emphasis on fundamental concepts. Topics to be covered are introductions to the nature of paint, color and composition theory, brushstroke, as well as the basic painting process.

Open to all students, from those who have little to no exposure to painting to those who have a history but lack the space and the encouragement. The class will have the flexibility needed to suit the needs of each student, and above all it will be enlightening, inspirational, and fun.

In order to ensure that everyone gets all the attention they need there is a limit of six students, so sign up early!

Student information

-Each class to be three hours

-Students to provide their own materials, although samples will be given out if you are curious about something in particular.

-Safety will be emphasized

For all the info: Caro d’Offay Gallery