Painting Kids’ Rooms (with Kids’ Help)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The title of this post might also be called: “Loosening the Reins on Perfection” or “A Little Mess is Okay” or “Let Your Kid Help Create His/Her Own Bedroom.” Of course, we’re talking about the slightly older set here, but when you tackle your next paint job, we say make sure there are enough brushes and rollers for all of you! Early lessons on helping to create one’s own environment have so many benefits:

  • They will feel more personally invested in their space and perhaps more likely to take care of it.
  • A whole slew of new skills are likely to be discovered — some loved, some maybe not so much.
  • The DIY bug and sense of self-sufficiency at home might grow earlier.
  • It’s a great sense of accomplishment.
  • Painting is more fun if you do it with others.
  • Kids might then want to help with this sort of work in other safe home improvement areas.
  • It helps loosen the reins on perfection that we adults hold on to often — no room has to be perfect (especially a kid’s room that you’re likely to change every few years as s/he grows)
Please tell us of your mishaps and success stories if you’ve ever painted with your child’s help!