Get Inspired by the Color Palettes of the UK’s Most Famous Palaces

published May 30, 2022
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Credit: Lukasz Pajor

Golds, blues, reds, and emerald greens… all colors typically associated with regal interior design, and especially the social media-worthy royalcore trend. Just in time for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, Roofing Megastore has taken a look at what shades show up time and time again within some of the UK’s most famous palaces. Complementing the eye-catching furniture and rich fabrics of these elegant properties, you’re sure to find plenty of jewel tones and deep hues. But just how vibrant are these royal color palettes?

Here, all the colors you need to know for your next royal-inspired redecoration—including commentary from design experts at Roofing Megastore.

Buckingham Palace

Credit: Roofing Megastore

“Perhaps one of the most classically royal color schemes, Buckingham Palace’s Grand Ballroom is a celebration of deep reds and vibrant golds. It’s the largest of the state rooms at Buckingham Palace, and today, the impressive room is used for official functions including state banquets. The ivory walls offset the bold colours, and the opulent orangery gold colours can be seen in a variety of shades. Alongside the luxurious rich hues, there’s also just a nudge of a beautiful muted grey-blue which contrasts beautifully with the commanding red tones,”

Windsor Castle

Credit: Roofing Megastore

“Inside the extravagant Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, there’s an explosion of glorious gold, complimented by a variety of sumptuous green tones—from a bright emerald green on the chairs to a dark racing green on the walls,”

Kensington Palace

Credit: Roofing Megastore

“Inside the Cupola Room in Kensington Palace, we’re treated to a more subtle palette with delicate blue greys from the marble that punctuates the room, alongside a smattering of proud gold accents, with different shades seen on the statues, the chandeliers and the ceiling.”

Hampton Court Palace

Credit: Roofing Megastore

“Hampton Court Palace was famously the Baroque Georgian home to King Henry VIII and all of his six wives. The King’s Staircase is a grand entrance to the state apartment, and the frenzied walls were painted by William Kent. The colors are a celebration of burnt oranges and rich blues, from lighter grey blue tones to stormy muted blues.”