Palatial Decor: The Young Victoria

So I went and saw “The Young Victoria” last night, then fell asleep wondering why my home is so very lacking in gold leaf wall treatments and brocade drapes. Wow, is that a beautiful movie. Set largely in Kensington and Buckingham Palaces, the rooms are rich with luxurious golds and greens and reds. And some of the design details actually inspired me to consider them for my regular old (non-palatial) home.

Pictured, from left to right:

• The botanical wallpaper in Victoria and Albert’s bedroom couldn’t be more romantic. These days there are quite a few companies specializing in reproductions of wallpaper from the Victorian era. Try Wolff House or House Vernacular.

Oversized tassel tie-backs for draperies are generally found in very formal homes, but I like the idea of making them work as a tongue-in-cheek gesture in a more casual living space, with a drapery in a bold graphic print or an unexpected color.

• The gorgeous blue-green paint in this photo permeates the film, and I adore it. I used the Color Snap app on my iPhone to take a stab at the color, and it came up with Rookwood Blue Green (SW 2811… amazingly, part of their Victorian Collection!). Looks like it could also be close to Benjamin Moore’s Juniper Green. Any other ideas?

• The gardens in the movie are, of course, exquisite, and I found these cone-shaped topiaries especially intriguing. Though topiary is of course an old and venerated art, the repetitive nature of the design seems modern and edgy. Could topiary become a garden trend? What do you think? Maybe for now a couple of potted topiaries on a deck would be cute.

• In the palaces, grand doorways are always flanked by symmetrical forms of one kind or another. I love the idea of finding a couple of tall pots and flanking a doorway with matching plants, or even doing architectural pedestals or pillars from a salvage yard.

If you’ve seen the movie, please feel free to add your own inspired ideas below!