Panasonic Ups the Ante with Greener CRT Recycling

Panasonic Ups the Ante with Greener CRT Recycling

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 7, 2009

We've covered a variety of methods when it comes to recycling our old CRT TVs (heck, you can even turn them into pots). But it looks like Panasonic's about to up the ante when it comes to the actual methods of recycling CRT TVs using the most unexpected method of deteriorating the glass panels using, of all things, laser beams.

Announced yesterday afternoon by Panasonic's press release:

"CRT sets contain different types of glass in the front panel and back funnel, which the human production line at Panasonic Eco Technology Centre in Japan currently separate using an electrically heated wire.

However, this process is time consuming. Unwanted stress fractures can also be created on the glass, Panasonic said.

But the firm's now perfected a laser cutting technology for separating these two CRT sections that, it claimed, requires less manual work, is cleaner and, ultimately, quicker."

As a result, the lasers have allowed recycling time to be cut down by two thirds. And seeing as an average of roughly 300,000 CRT TVs already pass through the Panasonic recycling centers annually today, it will come as a much welcome tool for the near future in Japan. Especially in 2011, when Japan switches from analog to digital like us, the expected rate of CRT TVs recycled per year will jump to about 650,000. We can only hope similar methods of recycling have been employed over here in the states.

And remember you can recycle CRT screens now at various locations, like Office Depot, Staples, and Best Buy.

(Image: Northrop Grumman)

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