Parna: Vintage Linen, Hemp and Embroidery

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have always liked the rustic look and texture of vintage grain sacks, but it wasn’t until we discovered Parna that we considered them an art form. Whether you’re actively shopping for vintage, handmade, and eco-friendly textiles or just want to see some beautiful examples of folk craft, the website is worth a visit.

Based in the UK (with international shipping available), Parna sells antique and vintage textiles such as grain sacks and kitchen linens from Central and Eastern Europe. Most of them range from 60-120 years old and were hand woven using hemp and linen grown without pesticides. In addition, the shop carries embroidery works unearthed from old dowry chests, vintage linens hand dyed using traditional indigo techniques, and new artisan-made textiles.

Each section of the online shop – blue stripes, red stripes, etc. – includes a beautiful range of examples, and we love how every item has a sense of history. The textiles also have a durability that still makes them useful today. Parna suggests turning them into upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, cushions, and more.

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(Image: Parna)