How To Deal When Your Internet is Down

How To Deal When Your Internet is Down

Range Govindan
Sep 14, 2012

Over the last two days, I've been experiencing problems with my ISP. Since I do a lot of work online, and usually my computer is running 24/7, it was somewhat shocking to realize that I had no longer easy Internet access. However, since this has happened, I've still been able to remain productive and spend less time online, which is a good thing in my book.

Basically, there's a problem with my home line and since I get both my phone and Internet through an ADSL service, both of them have been out of commission since yesterday afternoon.

My PC desktop runs 24/7. It's never idle and it always accomplishes some kind of work, whether it's compiling code or rendering photos/videos. When I realized that I was unplugged, I found it somewhat funny to begin with.

Instead of waiting for the repairman, I decided to simply do something else. I went to the gym and relaxed in the sauna after a workout. When I came back and my modem still indicated the same error, I was a bit flustered but decided to take it easy. I worked a bit on my iPad and a 3G connection.

I've still been able to do most of my work from home, albeit somewhat slower. Here's a couple of tips I learned.

1. iPad + iPhone Tethering: I've got a 3G iPad, but I haven't yet gotten a SIM card for it, so I've been tethering it to my iPhone. Since this is a free service where I live, it's definitely convenient. It cuts down on a bill and even if it's a bit slower, I barely notice. On the downside, I drain my iPhone's battery while I use the 3G connection, which isn't always good.

2. MacBook + iPhone Tethering: Late last night, I easily managed to accomplish some tasks by tethering my MacBook to my iPhone. Once again, when you hit the limit of your iPad/tablet, it's time to move to something more powerful.

3. Keep Calm & Carry On: Unless you're on a deadline and absolutely have to turn things in, then you should take the opportunity to relax. Most people are tethered to their smartphones all day, and it's a nice change to read a book, watch a movie and take it easy without worrying too much.

4. Online Emergency: If you absolutely need to get online, and your 3G connection isn't enough, then head out to the nearest coffee shop and get some work done. I've done this in the past, even when I've had no ISP problems, and it's a welcome change from my home office.

5. Offline: Taking some time offline is very relaxing. I already use Inbox Zero, so I'm not hassled by my emails anymore.

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