Party Across America AT Style!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Here’s the latest on all the parties that are scheduled for 7-9, Thursday, March 9.

We will have a modest bar tab pre-paid in each location for AT’ers, so get their early if you want to drink on us!

New York – Jill, SKGR and Maxwell will be hosting over at the Union Square Lounge which is below Coffee Shop and recommended by Sundance. RSVP and Link to the thread here.

Chicago – Guest editors Janel & Heather will be in attendance along with a rambunctious group of readers over at Webster’s Wine Bar at 1480 W Webster Ave. It may be a bit “ordinary,” but this is just the first gathering. There’s time for more. RSVP and join the thread here.

Los Angeles – I’ll be with Vanessa, Enrique (and more!) at the East/West Bar in West Hollywood. RSVP and join the thread here.

San Francisco – The ball is rolling with ebrown, Mark and aquarabbit… While still forming, they’ve already had a party and seem to be setting up for one more. We’re going to watch the thread and see if a good location can be agreed upon in the next 24 hours. RSVP and join the thread here.