Party Architecture: How To Throw the Best Party… Like Ever

published Dec 23, 2013
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Thinking about throwing a holiday party, but are worried about it being blah? I got together with an old friend in 2007 and put together this simple primer, which we’ve been updating and collecting comments on ever since. Are you hosting one this season and need last minute pointers? Here’s Party Architecture to the rescue…

Here are the four PILLARS of good Party Architecture: Density, Structure, Lighting & Flow. Personally, I think that the guest list is the most important element of a good party, BUT after that, if you have nothing else, go for good drinks and great lighting. Everything else will fall into place.

Party Architecture

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Step One – Density

People make a party. But how many should you invite?

The right density — the number of people in the room — depends on the type of party, and, to a lesser extent, the mood you want to set. more…

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Last night two friends threw their first party since they finished renovating. Everyone was impressed by the colors, the windows, and the furniture. But the party itself felt a little blocked.

Why? more..

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“Turn down the lights Turn up the music Let’s just be together tonight” – Neil Diamond

Take it from Neil, lighting is essential when creating the right mood at your party. more…

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Step Four – Flow

Flow is that feeling you have when a party is going well: guests mix, enjoy what you’re offering, and maintain the buzz of many conversations. You know it when you see and hear it.