Make Party Decorations With Old VHS and Cassette Tapes

Make Party Decorations With Old VHS and Cassette Tapes

Taryn Williford
Mar 14, 2013

Your cassette tape of Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill isn't quite the party animal it used to be back in '86, but your old tapes still deserve a better life than collecting dust in a box in the attic. Fight for your right to party all over again with these clever decorations and gift embellishments made from old VHS and cassette tapes.

Have you ever noticed how the film inside cassettes and VHS tapes resembles metallic party streamers? Natalie of Crème de la Craft sure did. On her blog, she shows off how she used old VHS and cassette tapes to create brand new party decorations that give any old fete a creative techie flair.

The tutorial is foolproof. After pulling the strands of tape out of the plastic cassettes, Natalie winds the tape around her fingers, adding colorful ribbon or yarn for extra embellishment. With a quick knot and some careful trimming with scissors, the wound tape becomes a party pom pom that can be used to decorate party hats, drinks, garlands and gifts.

And make sure you don't toss the scraps. The trimmings and tiny pieces that are cut and left behind make for great confetti. Check out the full tutorial and more photos of the project on Crème de la Craft.

And if you've got an excess of audio or VHS tapes laying around, be sure to review our recent roundup of Ideas For Reusing an Outdated Collection of VHS and Audio Tapes, including the cool woven plastic bag holder (perhaps to hold your DIY party favors?) above, made from VHS tapes by Amanda of Vintage Savoir Faire.

(Images: Crème de la Craft; Vintage Savoir Faire)

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