Party Intelligence Gathering: What's Your Favorite Party Game?

Party Intelligence Gathering: What's Your Favorite Party Game?

Andie Powers
Nov 13, 2012

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of party games. I usually am the one who wants to sit out and watch (I know, I know, party-pooper). However, there is one, "The Secret Name Game" — also sometimes known as the "Family Game" — that I actually enjoy. In fact, it was one of the first things my husband and I did together after first meeting! (i.e, it definitely works as an ice-breaker).

Here are the details: each player writes the name of a well-known person, celebrity, or character down on a slip of paper. The person needs to be known by the entire group, so it could be a public figure, famous person, or even someone you all know. One person is chosen to read all of the names out loud — one time. That means you have to be listening closely!

Next, players (one by one) try to guess who wrote one name. If you are correct, the person whose name you guessed correctly is now on your "team", and you are awarded another guess. If you are wrong, the person next to you gets a try, and so on and so on around the table. If you guess someone's name who has accumulated another team, you get the entire team. Eventually, it will get to two or three big teams and it becomes more and more difficult to remember the initial names. If the name you wrote remains secret (i.e. no one guesses you wrote it) until you are the last person, you win!

Have you played this game? What's your favorite party game?

(Image: Andie Powers)

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