Party On: Free iPhone and Android Drink Apps

Party On: Free iPhone and Android Drink Apps

Kristen Lubbe
Dec 10, 2009

When we throw our Holiday Party we like to make sure everyone is happy with everything &mdash including the drinks. We get wrapped up in making the drinks that we like, but what about those thousands of other drinks that our party goes might like to try?

Personally, the Android 10001 Cocktails and the iPhone Mixology 7900 Apps were ones that I had never thought I'd have use for, until I found them. It doesn't dawn on you until you're browsing through the selections, just how helpful these can actually be. I know what you're thinking &mdash these are made for frat parties and college kids. Yes, I'm sure they may be the target market, but there are drink recipes in those apps that even the finest of drinkers would drink.

Mixology 7900 allows you to browse through 7,900 drink recipes, select from categories including: Cocktails, Martinis, Shooters, Jello Shots, Hot Drinks, Punches, Non-Alcoholic, and Favorites, and my personal favorite feature: the Liquor Cabinet tab allows you to enter the liquor and mixer types you have on hand, and then compiles a list of the cocktails you can make with said ingredients. The 10001 Cocktails App works pretty much the same way. You can browse through the most popular Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic recipes on your phone &mdash and visit their website to browse even more.

Even if you're not having your own party, you're always going to have your phone with you at someone else's party. It'll be especially handy if they're serving drinks that you aren't very keen on.

You can download both Apps for Free from your phone!

(Screenshots: 1: Android via GeekSugar 2: AppShouter)

(Top image: Flickr member sflovestory licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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