Paza Design: Sweet & Low

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. We met Pazit Kagel at ICFF, sitting with her creations during a lull in the action. While many designistas were circling the fabulous Italian Mosh Pit on the far side of the hall we were drawn to Pazit’s colorul, modest and creative beds for children.

Born in Israel, trained at Parsons, and now living with her husband and two children in California, Pazit’s Paza Design debuted this year with the idea of creating clean, minimal furniture that grows with your child and lets them use their own imagination to design their own bed. Each piece is sold separately, so that you can put together exactly what you want, adding to it over time…until the end of middle school.

Searching for nursery furniture while pregnant with my first child was an eye opener. As someone who likes to be surrounded by clean minimal modern design I have realized how lacking the furniture market is when it comes to children.

We think Pazit is right, and the nursery market could use her help. We also support her chutzpa and hard work for producing such an elegant solution.MGR

Contact:408.448.1984 or order online at
Toddler Bed (3 units) $1,000
Twin Bed (4 units) $1,200
Each Unit $200
Drawers $150
Baby Guard $100