Peek Inside Jessica Alba’s New Offices For The Honest Company

updated Jul 17, 2020
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It’s been about six years since actor turned CEO Jessica Alba started her non-toxic brand The Honest Company, and the business has outgrown quite a few spaces in that time. Architectural Digest takes a look at the newest space in Playa Vista, California, designed to feel like home for the company’s 450 employees.

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“When we first started [The Honest Company], we had $1,000 to build [the original office],” Alba says. The new space, however, required a bit more than that: “There was nothing here, so we had to start from scratch. I wanted to have a more sophisticated look and feel.”

Alba called in Mat Sanders and Brian Quattrone from Consort—who have worked closely with her in the past. “This office looks very much like my home,” says Alba. “I used Consort to design every room in my house, one room at a time, piecemeal-ed together.”

“Mat and Brandon were really great collaborators—they really get my vibe. I like vintage and some new things,” she adds. “I want everything to feel cozy and I want things you can sit on and put your feet on. And I wanted that same vibe in the office.”

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With work areas, the kitchen, a showroom, and gathering spots, the spread out space is tied together with color, and the designers noted that they utilized more contrast at the office to keep it from being a replica of Alba’s home.

“I just didn’t want it to feel like an old stodgy corporate office. I wanted it to feel cozy and warm like a home, but still have all the conveniences of an office,” Alba notes. But, “we have lots of whiteboards; you know it’s still a work space.”

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