Peel Away Paint Remover

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just received a tip that if you are stripping furniture of oil or latex paint, Peel Away is the bomb (and it’s environmentally safer).

Manufactured by Dumond Chemicals of NYC, Peel Away is actually a line of about 10 paint stripping products that remove multiple layers of paint in each application. They are not classified as hazardous and they are not caustic, nor do they emit fumes or are they made up of flammable solvents. Peel Away is apparently the “only safe and effective alternative to paint removal products containing hazardous chemicals and solvents.”

Peel Away 7 is the one recommended for use on fine wood furniture. You will find others that remove everything from marine and lead paint. It is, however, expensive at about $25 for a 3 lb tub of Peel Away 7. It is available through all these shops. (Thanks, Jim!)