PEGA Pump Light: Pump up the Volume

PEGA Pump Light: Pump up the Volume

Kristen Lubbe
Jan 8, 2010

Interactive lighting is always a hit, and some of the most interesting lighting concepts on the map right now. When we say interactive, we mean more than just a turn or flick of the switch.

PEGA is to thank for this gem. The Inflatable Lamp is certainly interesting &mdash we've heard through the grape vine that it has been done before, but we're still intrigued. The concept it great, but we wish it was readily available so we could have some hard fact reviews.

The Pump Light is a desk lamp that leaves you with the ability to increase the amount of light it produces. How do you do that you ask? By pumpin' up the volume, of course! The pump sort of looks like the pump from a blood pressure cuff and you essentially use it in the same way. Pump the pump and the balloon gets larger, therefor producing more light. If you want to turn the light off, or decrease the light &mdash release the valve and deflate the air.

We can see how this would be useful, not everyone needs a plethora of light while working at their desk, while others do. We're enjoying the light "customization" of this, but why would we choose this over a dimmer switch on a readily available desk lamp? The design and uniqueness of this Pump Light seems to be the major factor.

[via designboom]

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