Terrify Your Guests with This Pennywise Red Balloon Lamp

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Credit: Firebox

‘Tis the season to scare the pants off of people. We’ve been rounding up some of the best Halloween home decor that will add a touch of spookiness to your home. While Target has some festive Halloween succulents and Lowe’s has some scary-good home items, if you’re looking for decorations that will cause a real fright, nothing compares to this Pennywise balloon lamp.

If you haven’t read “It” by Stephen King or seen the supernatural horror films based on the novel, the red balloon is a major symbol in the story. “It” is an evil entity that usually takes the form of a clown named Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård) and returns to Derry, Maine every 27 years to terrorize the town. The red balloon is a harbinger that It is watching you. Creepy, right? A red balloon is the last thing you want to see—which is why you should definitely own this lamp.

As you dust off your Halloween home goods and get ready to decorate for fall, this lamp is a must-have for all horror movie fans. It casts a chilling red glow and will make you wonder if an evil clown is, in fact, watching you. The balloon lamp is currently out of stock, but you can pre-order one for the next shipment.

Firebox issues a tongue-in-cheek warning about the lamp. “Warning: This balloon does not produce a clown-shaped shadow,” the description reads. “If you see one, RUN. You are in immediate danger. Vacate the premises immediately. Pennywise appearance imminent.”

Of course, if you haven’t read or seen “It” and just so happen to like red balloons, this lamp could just be a cute addition to a desk or a side table. But if you get some spooked looks from your guests, you’ll know why.