Costco is Selling a $20 Pack of Succulents in Cute Planters and, Of Course, The Internet is Obsessed

updated Jan 14, 2020
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Looks like the Costco gods are smiling down on us right now, at least if you’re interested in becoming a first-time plant parent or adding to your already growing collection of greenery. Because the three pack of succulents is back, my friends, and this time around, they’re in the chicest planters to date. And people are obsessed with them, if the comments section of this Costco Deals Instagram post is any indicator.

According to commenters, they’ve been spotted in stores in Oregon, Utah, Arizona, California, Washington, Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, and Canada. It’s unclear whether other locations are sold out or just haven’t received their shipments yet. Buy if you want in, it might be worth a trip sooner than later—these guys are going to go fast.

Why are these succulents such a hot commodity? Well, first of all, at just under $7 each (and in some states, even cheaper!), the price is definitely right for the size, which is roughly 6 inches once the plant matures. Plus, the cute white-on-white zig zag and diamond pots are another big selling point (as some folks noted, the planters in some locations are actually black-and-white). A set of these would be great on a coffee table, a bathroom window sill, or even on a patio table, if you live in a warmer weather climate. One little guy would be a charming finishing touch for styling out a nightstand, leaving you two others to put in other spots around your home—a desk? a bookshelf? The options are endless.

Credit: Costco

I’m heading to the burbs for the upcoming long weekend, so you better believe I’ll be scooping up a set—with my parent’s Costco card—if I can find them. And if you’re more of an online shopper, here’s some good news: you can buy the new trio of succulents online as well, but they are more expensive, and you can’t choose which three plants you get as you can in store. That said, one commenter on the Costco Deals post confirmed that, “they ship beautifully.” So don’t let the thought of these green guys making a mess in transit be the reason you miss out on them.