Permanently Get Kinks Out Of Cords with Just Water

Permanently Get Kinks Out Of Cords with Just Water

Taryn Williford
Apr 4, 2011

For those of us who've never heeded our mothers' lessons to check our jeans pockets before we throw them in the wash, here's a helpful tip. When your headphones (or some other cord) comes out of the dryer in a tangled, kinky mess, just grab for a glass of water.

Yeah, normally water and electronics don't mix.

But one bold Lifehacker commenter was brave enough to test the waters (pun intended), and ended up discovering a way to get tangle-causing kinks out of your cords for good.

Just tape your headphones securely wrapped around the outside of a heat-resistant drinking glass or coffee mug. Then, pour in some boiling-hot water.

Lifehacker tested the tip and shot a video, and it really does work! It doesn't really untangle cords, as the video's title suggests (you'll still have to untangle your dryer mess to wrap the cord around your cup). But it does remove those curly kinks, and in effect help prevent the cord from tangling again.

Other (dry, cool) ways to keep your cords from tangling? Wrap them in paracord, weave a chain sinnet (pictured above), or learn how to properly tie them in knots.

(Images:, Flickr member vanhookc licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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