Personal Hygiene: Looking Good With Bathroom Tech

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Personal hygiene is important and in our book so is sweet looking tech. The photo above got us thinking, what are some cool devices we can use to tech up our personal grooming. Here is a short list of bathroom grooming tech that we have found to be exceptionally cool.

  1. The Braun Series 7 is an amazing piece of shaving technology. Insanely expensive an incredible over engineered it is an amazing looking piece of technology. The self cleaning function means that you will always have a fresh razor when you need it. If you are someone who is interested in a high tech approach to facial grooming, go for this.

  2. Dental hygiene is a very important part of social presentation and preventing tooth decay. The Phillips Sonicare FlexCare takes brushing to a whole new level of sanitation and deep cleansing. We were especially impressed by the UV light that is built in to kill nasty bugs that might grow on toothbrushes. Really, your bathroom is not nearly as sanitary as it should be so a solution like the Sonicare gives our germaphobic self more time to worry about handwashing.

  3. While the thought of using a product like the Panasonic ER430K is terrifying, we can see the utility of such an item from time to time. Really not much else needs to be said… umm use it if you must? We are glad we don’t need to use one, yet.

Bottom Line:

Technology has progressed to the point to where our daily personal care routines can be completely saturated with electric motors and silicon. Use these products if such and approach appeals to you, we know we love the idea.

(Top image: Flickr member skippyjon licensed for use under Creative

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