Personal Water Meter

Personal Water Meter

Sep 24, 2007

Out of sight, out of mind. It is amazing to see how much water can be wasted in a very short period of time. We know we should not brush our teeth with the water running, but it is really is difficult to get a sense of the volume of water that is really being used. This concept design from Adam Kereliuk helps to fill that gap.

posted originally from: AT:Hometech

By screwing the meter onto individual taps throughout the house, a small propeller is triggered every time water flows through it. The number of revolutions of the propellor is recorded and translated into how many litres of water is actually used. As this is still a concept, it is unclear from the description whether it transmits the data wirelessly to a pc (which would be nice) for review and tracking but the biggest potential issue we see with this is where would the long end go? Seems that it would be a bit intrusive when attached to a tap. Hopefully if this materializes they will have figured that out.

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