Personalized Monograms

Personalized Monograms

Sep 20, 2007

Even with the slight drop in temperature the past few days, it still draws us into an east coast fall feeling. Thoughts of school-prep plaid, Jackie-O scarves and the need for a new winter coat takes over our Southern California brain. When we saw these personalized monograms by Monogram Inc they just fit nicely into this idealic season and left us wanting more. We were pleased to see that some of the monograms

have a cleaner, more modern esthetic. The site offers proper etiquette lessons for your monograms which only fueled our fire with this whole Jackie-O /east coast obsession.

"Earlier generations of women worked for years, almost from the time a daughter was born, to prepare the linen for her wedding day; and, obviously it was impossible to know the groom's last name. Therefore, the linens were marked with the daughter's maiden initials.

When you are a single woman, you would use the first letter of your given, middle and family surname to create a monogram. A woman might make her surname initial oversized and use it in the middle, flanked by her given and middle names. For instance, Anne Thurston Smith, would be AST.

When a woman marries, she drops her middle name and adds her husband's surname. So, if Anne were to marry George Perot, her initials would change to APS. A man is lucky; he keeps his same three initials throughout his life - unless, his wife and he share a monogram on certain wedding gifts. For example, as a married monogram on engraved silver, etched crystal, or embroidered linens. In this case the monogram would be APG.

Until recently, anything the bride received as a wedding gift before she was actually married was marked with her maiden initial. Now, some brides prefer to mark their flat silver, for example, with their married initial or monogram. Even linen may be so marked if you wish. Either is correct, depending on your personal preference.

Being the single, LA pessimist that we are, our bet is on our maiden name. You know that will stick around even if the guy doesn't.

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