Nearly Half of Pet Owners Prefer to Cuddle Dogs Over Partners, Study Says

updated Jul 30, 2020
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(Image credit: Carina Romano)

On Valentine’s Day, you’d expect pets to take a temporary backseat to their humans’ festive tail-chasing. But a recent poll reveals that 47 percent of pet parents cuddle their dog more often than their partner, so perhaps we can expect pooches to receive their fair share of V-Day affection after all.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the company launched its inaugural “The Real Power of Dog Love” report, which takes a look at “the loving relationship modern dog owners have with their pets.” In addition to letting us know how much snuggle-centered interaction goes down between dogs and their humans, the report really drives home just how highly prioritized these animal-human relationships are.

We already know that dog owners snap more photos of their pet than they do of their significant others, so it’s not exactly surprising to learn that the Rover report found that 53 percent of pet parents would call off a relationship if they discovered their partner had severe pooch allergies or flat out didn’t like dogs (or presumably, dog selfies).

Then there’s the matter of those coveted couple weekend plans, which pet owners know is code word for “me, you, and dog.” According to the report, one out of three pet parents incorporates their dog into their weekend plans because apparently, dogs look forward to Fridays as much as people do.

And you know how your Instagram feed today will be filled with puppers in costumes? That’s because 47 percent of pet parents have planned a special canine-centric Valentine’s Day celebrations for their furry companions, including buying them a snazzy new outfit or baking a dog-friendly dessert (we recommend these homemade treats from Kitchn).