If Dogs Were Named After IKEA Furniture

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Names like Max and Bella—the top two dog names in 2016—are great and all, but what you name your pets says a lot about you. And if people can name their dogs after things like quinoa and kale (seriously, the names Quinoa and Kale are on the rise for dogs, as well as Tofu, Whiskey, and Taffy) or TV characters like Eleven and Khaleesi, then I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to name your furry friend after your favorite furniture.

I mean, you spend so much of your free time drooling over new IKEA catalogs—you may as well have a uniquely named companion drooling by your side. It’s what a true design lover would do, anyway…

(Image credit: IKEA/Jessica Isaac)

Ektorp the chair is known for its simple design and its thick, comfy cushions—Ektorp the pug? Not really all that different. Prepare for snuggles, and probably some snoring (also, to laugh every time you call his name).

(Image credit: IKEA/Cathy Pyle)

A classic-yet-still-glam dog should be named for a simple and elegant vanity table—Hemnes requires some grooming to stay looking this good, but she’s loyal through and through.

(Image credit: IKEA/Carmen Chavarri)

Want a dog as reliable as your favorite dresser? Meet your new best friend, Malm—a big, sturdy dog with a huge heart to hold all your love. Even though he definitely steals your socks and hides them when you’re not looking. (Still cute.)

(Image credit: IKEA/Natalie Jeffcott)

Poäng the greyhound is kind of gangly and awkwardly-shaped (I can say that because so am I and greyhounds are my dog soulmates), but at the end of the day, nothing beats curling up with her and a good book.

(Image credit: IKEA/Chris Perez)

Ingolf is quiet and well-behaved—she’s not much of a barker and she never jumps up on the furniture—but your home just wouldn’t feel like home without her. On the other hand, the Ingolf chair is a understated household staple—you just probably don’t get sentimental about it.

(Image credit: IKEA/Apartment Therapy)

A wardrobe this sleek can only give its name to a dog equally simple and handsome. But while Brimnes’ mirrored middle door will show you how you look, your buddy Brimnes is more like a reflection of your love.

(Image credit: IKEA/Kim Lucian)

Lack is a 2-for-1 deal, like the nesting tables they’re named after. Honestly, I don’t know how you would refer to them individually (Lack 1 and Lack 2? Just give them initials like L.A. and C.K.?), but they make a great pair.

(Image credit: IKEA/Bethany Nauert)

A dog of Timsfors caliber should be three things: big, strong, and ready to lounge around. And I’m willing to bet that Timsfors the chair is Timsfors the dog’s favorite spot in the entire house.

(Image credit: IKEA/Esteban Cortez)

Nordli, like his nightstand namesake, is sturdy but not too big—plus, he promises to sleep right by your bed every night (no promises that you won’t find him under the covers when you wake up, though).

(Image credit: IKEA/Chris Perez)

Much like you love to fill up the ever-popular Billy bookcase with your favorite books and knickknacks, Billy the dachshund is just begging for you to fill him up with his favorite treats.