Pet-Proofing Your Home Tech

Pet-Proofing Your Home Tech

Nov 12, 2007

The combination of pets and home technology often isn't a good one if you haven't taken care to keep both your pets and your tech gear safe. After the jump are tips from a PetSugar (GeekSugar sister site) about pet-proofing your tech gear, as well as a few of our own. Also, let us know in the comments what you recommend!

Large Objects: start with the big stuff, like bookcases, CD shelves, even your TV...can they be knocked over? It's important to secure large objects to the wall so that if your kitty takes a climb or your dog takes a slide, the heavy item doesn't come down on top of them. It's one of those projects that doesn't take much time or money, you've just got to do it.

A useful item is the TV Quake Strap, which is originally intended for earthquakes, but also good if kids or pets could somehow--you never know!--knock over the TV. The same site also sells 4 sets of furniture brackets for $6.

Small Objects: Be extremely aware of what you leave around, especially anything shiny. Even if you haven't had any incidents yet, keep in mind something could all of a sudden pique their curiosity. There's not a lot of difference between a pencil and a stick, or the color of their chew toy and your iPod.

Covered storage of your laptop and other tech can prevent a kitty from taking up residence on your computer, and allowing dust, hair and dander to clog up your computer's cooling fan.

Wires: In the PetSugar article, we learned about a new product that protects both your pets and the wires for your home tech: Critter Cord, which is a clear cord protector you slip over your existing cords that your pets might get to.

It also has an embedded scent/taste of lemon, which is supposed to keep your pets from chewing on it. If anything, it makes for another layer that they have to get through before they can hurt themselves or your gear. Critter cord is $10 for 10', and you cut it to the length you need with a scissors.

- Image from PetSugar.

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