Pet Protocol: At What Age Are Pets OK?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Growing up, we always heard stories from our parents about getting freshly dyed chickens and bunnies on Easter. We never received such a gift (maybe due to our lack of farm upbringing) but we did get a kitty when we turned 8. According to Mom and Dad that was the age of responsibility (although our siblings were younger), so we ask you, what age did pets enter your home?

We remember our chores being very pet-centric back in the day. We were in charge of emptying the litter box, grooming and making sure the food and water bowls were kept full. Our cat was a valuable part of our family (except the times it would bring us small half eaten rodent “prizes” through the cat door in the garage) and we took great pride in making sure it was as happy as could be.

Now we have two dogs (one is Wilbur, the Boston Terrier above), that will be around when the little pitter patter of feet (from 2 legs not 4) start happening. So we’re wondering, what age did you allow pets in the home? Were they always part of your family? Or did you wait until your children were able to take on the responsibility of a furry companion?